Sunday, January 26, 2014

24/365 & 25/365

**yes, i skipped day 23.  it was umbrellas.  i didn't even take a photo that day** 

day 24:
Fresh Air.

i wanted to take a photo of my breath...
then i realized that's not fresh air but recycled air.
how do i take a photo of fresh air?
i can't take a photo of the air exactly, 
but where do i go to feel, breathe, the fresh air?
into the bush, away from buildings, cars...

the trees give us oxygen 
(unless science has discovered something else since i was in school - - 
i mean, pluto isn't a planet anymore...but i'm pretty sure about this.)
that's as fresh as we can get.

so here's some of the trees...
couldn't get oxygen filled leaf trees since they're sleeping right now.

day 25.
*this prompt is to be done as a Portraiture.  for me to practice.*

i told the fam. at the beginning of the day that i would be needing to do this one.
so they weren't too surprised when i would say 
'I want a photo of you doing that.'

out we went.
to our back hill to snowboard.
our boy is learning, and daddy is teaching him.

he straps on his board, gets some advice and heads down the hill.
daddy comes to the bottom and gives him a piggyback up the hill (with snowboard still strapped on)
and away he goes again.

usually they repeat that a few times before his dad wants to do some snowboarding of his own.
they call it 'Daddy chairlift'

*all  photos taken by me, 
with Gertie.
and edited in Photoshop Elements.

See where my challenge began : Here 

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