Monday, January 13, 2014

12/365 & 13/365

that's right...

12 & 13.

i didn't do 11.

i skipped it.
not intentionally.
but at least i did take a photo or two that day, 
so it's not like Gertie just sat alone all day never being taken out to play.
check out HERE for the photos taken on the 11th

as for number 12 & 13...

day 12:
this is my daughter's footprint.
she's 4.
when she got home from a friend's birthday party i asked if she would help me with my photo.
she giggled and squirmed a lot as i painted her feet.

day 13:
Word of Encouragement
i took a picture of wordS or encouragement.

in the mornings, while the kids eat breakfast, we read the Bible and memorize our verses.
on friday i began recording our prayer items.

my boy wanted to thank God for the 4th point under Thanks.
my girl wanted to Thank God for the 5th one under Thanks.

the coolest thing today:
as we were writing down the three things today my boy asked if he could have the list so he could be the one to pray for them.
of course.

*all photos taken by me..
with Gertie.
edited in Photoshop Elements.

See where my challenge began : Here

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