Monday, January 6, 2014


day 6:
a Macro photo

There are about 5 that will be repeated each month.
but with a new theme for it each month.  
portrait (see day 4).
macro, see today.
where i stand (to come on day 9)
a number (to come on day 22)
practicing portraiture (to come on day 25)

i'm looking forward to improving on each of these.

for macro i wasn't so unique..i instead practiced my macro photography, 
using a tip that i was given by the CY365 facebook page.
*see HERE for tip*

i turned my lens around.
focusing isn't as easy, 
believe me i tried at first, forgetting that my lens wasn't actually attached.

but this way i could get closer than i would have been able to otherwise.

i took down my kids' globe and focused on an area of the world that is close to my  heart.
the green shamrock is my focus..
northern Ireland, my dad was born there.  

then my boy's LEGO guys.

(this was macro mode with lens on normally)

this is his mirror reflection.
(with lens reversed)

*all photos taken by me, with Gertie.
edited with Photoshop Elements.

See where my challenge began : Here

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