Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20/365 & 21/365

day 20:

i didn't take a photo of this.

instead i chose to take a picture of my daughter.
i had promised her that we'd do rags in our hair on the weekend.
we didn't.
so she asked if i could do them after dinner.
while she watched tv i put hers in.
(i put mine in after she went to bed)

so my theme yesterday became:
Promise Kept

this morning after we took out all the rags.  
don't the curls suit my little one.
she is so bouncy.
i don't know if today she was more bouncy because of the curls or if the curls revealed how bouncy she really is...
but she bounces everywhere - i should have named her Tigger. 

day 21:
In a Bowl
I thought about this one...
i thought about taking a pic of the kids cereal this morn.
or my cream of wheat.
i thought about putting things in a bowl to make it how i wanted.

i decided to take our reflection in a bowl instead.
my mixing bowls.
the best one to take a reflection in.

just hanging out on the counter.

and finally, my girl.  look at her smile... 
can you see it? 
she needs her bangs cut - thats the hair hanging.

*all photos taken with Gertie.
edited in Photoshop Elements

See where my challenge began : Here 

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