Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Break week 9..and a half.

End of the summer break.
week nine and the last long weekend of the summer.
 a week and a half of:


Swimming Lessons
they had them with friends and we played on the rocks outside the summit centre each day 

Dinosaur spotting 

Playing in Orillia

Watching the zamboni

National Selfie Day
After swimming lessons

Face Painting 

Beach time

Slip n' Slide

Sharpie Tattoos

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Haliburton Highlands

 Dorset Fire Tower

Skate Park

Hair cuts for school

I have loved this summer break.
thankful for all the memories, 
all the struggles, 
all the laughter.
Summer is not over, just our break is done.
hope to still enjoy the last couple weeks of this amazing season.

 *all photos taken by me, 
except the last one.
That was taken by my boy with Gertie.
my photos taken with Gertie (5,6,13-24)
Chester (1-4,7-12)

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