Sunday, January 19, 2014


day 19.

i was trying to think of a place in the area i could go capture some photographs.
there had to be a place somewhere.

on our way home from church this morning we were driving in a snowstorm.
i made the decision that i'd stay home, not go driving around looking for somewhere abandoned.

at lunch i said to my husband 
"i wish i could get to the old robin's nest, by the shed,"
he said, 
"if you really want to photograph to you'll get to it."

i looked at the mess by the shed and saw no way to do it.
then the more i looked at it and thought about what he said, 
i realized he was right.

i began seeing a way to climb up to get a good view of the next instead of a hinderance.
I did want to photograph it.
i would find a way.

i put on my boots.
and headed out, with Gertie, to see the nest.
shovelling the path on our way.

this nest has been abandoned by our beloved robin for a year and a half now.  
she didn't go back to it this past summer.
i don't actually know if robins go back to the same nest or not.
i still think it's because i scared her babes one year and they flew out dropped out of the nest.
they couldn't actually fly yet.  

the momma bird rounded them up...
i don't know what happened to them.

but this nest was theirs.

we watched them hatch, grow.

and then i sent them to their deaths!

aren't birds' nests amazing.

*all photos taken by me, 
with Gertie.
edited with Photoshop Elements

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