Wednesday, January 22, 2014


day 22:

one of the repeated monthly themes - a number.

i had this amazing idea in my head for how i'd capture it.

buy sparklers.
go into a dark room.
set shutter speed to hold the formation of whole number.
don't burn anything in room.

maybe do it outside when i got home tonight.

i bought sparklers today at our local Dollarama...
where they were dollarquarterama.

got home tonight.
going to go to bed...besides it's not dark enough outside 
thank you factory down the road.

got pjs on.

ran back downstairs.
grabbed tripod.
headed to the basement.

i was lighting one and only one sparkler.
one attempt.
if it doesn't work i'll do 'late eight' tomorrow.
i got 2 eights out of that one sparkler.

attempt one.
i dropped the sparkler before the shutter closed.  
this is eight on a stick.

there's my eight.
i like them both.
next time i'll wear all black.

*all photos taken by me, 
with Gertie.
edited/cropped with Photoshop Elements

See where my challenge began : Here 

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