Thursday, February 6, 2014

late: 27/365, 28/265

ok, these are over a week past due.

 day 26: 
it was the phone photo.
i took a photo on my husband's phone but never loaded it to the computer.
it wasn't the theme...the theme was Vivid.

day 27:
my daughter came home with some artwork for me.
my beautiful, creative, girl comes home with art for me every day.
this one though...
i hung it up.
she was so excited that i hung it.

below is the 'flowers on the button' that she hoped i would love.
before i read the note i looked at that button.
"i love the flowers on this one." i hugged her as i said it and then read the note.
i teared up when i read that she hoped i would love it.
thank you my little one,
i loved the whole thing.

day 28:
the return of her bestest friend.
her future husband.
her favorite playmate (outside of her brother).

i snapped this photo as the kids returned to the warmth of the house.

*all photos taken by me, 
with Gertie
edited with photoshop elements
See where my challenge began : Here

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