Tuesday, February 25, 2014

40/365 & 41/365

yep, skipped day 39: hand-tinted...
easy to skip that one.

day 40:
A Little Heart
I have seen hearts made with the right light, a ring and a book, usually the Bible.
so i figured i'd give it a try today.

i grabbed my Bible and opened it...
no, not to any specific page, just random.
placed my wedding band on it and held my headlamp.
it was awkward, i tried to hold the light in the right way and take the photo.
this is what i got:

day 41:
It's Still Winter

yes it is.
See this boardwalk without the snow: HERE

snowmobile tracks leaving the boardwalk and heading out on the lake.


one day it will not still be winter.
but for now it is.

*all photos taken by me with Gertie.
edited in Photoshop Elements
See where my challenge began : Here

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