Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Break week 4

week 4 done, and now just a memory.
but full of wonderful memories.
*see week 3 HERE*

Thursday and Friday morning the kids were in TO.

My parents were up for the weekend.
on Sunday we celebrated my birthday (which was on monday) and my boy's birthday (which would be the following monday)

Monday my parents headed home.
we went to the boardwalk.
my 2nd jump in as a 41 year old.
(my first one was missed - i jumped just before the timer was done)

my kids played at home most of the day.
they had a church service out back.

 then we went to the boardwalk!

we headed to Wasaga Beach with friends.

 another great week!

*too bad our pool is all done for the summer.
the seam gave way.

**all photos taken by me
with Gertie (#2, 5-12) 
& Chester (#1,3,4)

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