Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Break week 5

Week 5 is done...
i can't believe it.
July ended and August has begun.
*see week 4 here*

we stayed home for the morning as i got the house ready for our guests.
Dan's sister and the family were coming to visit for a week.

we watched some Good Mythical Morning and the kids got inspired.

See the inspirational video below:

Then we went to the boardwalk.

finished getting the house ready
and moved a chair outside that i've been wanting out of my bedroom.
it's currently a reading chair outside until it gets gross.
later that evening our guests arrived.

the kids wanted to show their cousins the boardwalk.
it was unattached so we got creative getting to it.

dan set up a giant swing

and we had a bbq with family and friends.

hiking at Limberlost

and prepping for our camping trip.

the boy turned 9!
it was his birthday and we headed up to a favorite place.
Killarney Provincial Park.

the boy's birthday dinner request

day trip to The Crack.

so hot!
lots of swimming.

i got up and went for a walk with Gertie.

time for a hike.

pack up and head into Killarney for fish and chips.
mmm so yummy
swimming at Georgian Bay
and time to head home.

it was yet another wonderful week of our summer.
so many memories.
so thankful we had family here to enjoy it with us.

*photos 1&2 with Chester, taken by me
rest of photos taken with Gertie.
13 taken by Dan
19 taken by the boy

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