Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Break week 6

Week 6 is over and gone, and we're actually almost done week 7 as i write this.

Dan's sister and family were here for one more day on Thursday.
my little one with her aunt.
they were puzzle machines that morning.
relaxing morning before going to the rapids.

then for a walk along the Hunters Bay Trail before bed.

Friday was a quiet day at home after our family headed out.
we may have gone to water, but i don't remember and i have no photos.

Saturday though...
Saturday was the day our boy got to do his chosen birthday Activity.
the Aerial Adventure at Sportsland in Bracebridge.

and i brought my girl and her best friend to Santa's Village for the day

Sunday was a quiet day as we anticipated Monday.

Monday was the start of a busy next five days.
my boy headed to Blaze DayCamp (full days)

and my girl went to Vacation Bible School (VBS) - half days
 at a church in the community.
i was also watching her best friend each afternoon.
and staying up to watch the olympics each night.
I love the swimming events!

Blaze and VBS.
in the afternoon we went to the beach.

each morning after dropping the brothers off we headed to Tim Hortons before VBS

 enjoyed some timmies, 
kids to vbs, 
me hanging out with my friend and watching the olympics
and in the afternoon the beach.

long week, 
busy week,
wonderful week.

*Photos taken by the following people:
#1,3-5,9,10,13, by me with Gertie
14 by me with Chester
#2 by Jill E.
#6-8 by Dan Q on his iPhone
#11,12 by Theresa B. on iPhone

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