Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Break Week 2

Week 2 just finished.
it was another great week.
(see week 1 HERE)

Week 2 has consisted of:
in no particular order

swimming at the boardwalk, multiple times.

playing at the park.
climbing trees.

swimming in our pool.
eating tim hortons and watching cars drive by.

spending the day at the Limberlost Challenge 
in the rain
cheering on mom and dad in their races.
(mom 14km & dad 56km)

volunteering for the Ironman 70.3
and of course the beach.

another great week.

things are not always perfect.
we fight, we cry, we make mistakes.
but we love each other and make the best of most of the moments.
we apologize.
we forgive.
we laugh, splash, giggle.
we play and challenge each other.
and we enjoy our summer together.

more fun to come next week!
*photos taken by me: 1-5, 7
by ed m: 6,8
by theresa b: 9
 1,2, 6-8 with Gertie.
3-5 with Chester
9 with Theresa's iPhone.

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