Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Break week 3

Week 3.
many more memories.
See week 2 here

The kids played school.
all day.
their field trip was to the pool.

Friday morning my girl came to me
"mommy can i use your camera to take a picture of the sunrise? it's beautiful."
i said yes

My boy wanted to make an edible bridge.
he was inspired by a friend who made a rice krispie square pyramid for an end of the year project at school.
so we gathered the necessary items and he got to work.
it looked great.
and tasted yummy!

The same day the girl had a friend over and they played.
after one of their times in the pool they found little moths.
look closely, there it is in her hands.

We went to a summer party for the running club my husband is a member of.
we decided to canoe there.
we had a wonderful adventure.
portaging along the road to get to the water.
the canoe dumping within 10 minutes of starting out.
stopping at the Hunters Bay Trail for a swim and snack.
not knowing officially where the house is.
stopping at friends' so we could ask them which house we were supposed to be at.
finding the place!
canoeing home before dark.

we got to see dear friends and their new baby after church.
we had a lazy afternoon.
watching Canada's Worst Driver and some of the Calgary Stampede.
my boy was invited (with his daddy) to go fishing, his first time ever.
so while the boys went fishing, my girl and i went to the theatre and saw 
The Secret Life of Pets.

after playing at home most of the day we loaded our bikes in the car and drove to the trail.
we biked from the parking lot, along the trail, to the kids' school.
biked around the school yard, ate a snack and biked back.

back at the car we got our towels, goggles and ball.
and they had a swim before heading home.

More time at the boardwalk in town.
so much fun.
the wind was chilly but the sun was hot.

on wednesday the kids headed to Toronto with their papa.
i took the beast to the vet, and hung out with my bestie.
it was another great week.

there were lots of indoor times too, 
but i don't like indoor photos very much, so i don't usually capture those memories.

I hope your summer is being enjoyed to the fullest.
i have forgotten to put in photos of a couple wonderful creations the kids have made, 
maybe if i think of it i'll post a summer creations one at the end.

*photos taken by me or the girl.
photos by me with Chester: 1, 3, 4,5
photos by me with Gertie: 7,8,9
photo by the girl with Chester: 6
photo by the girl with Gertie: 2 
Video taken by me with Chester.

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