Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer break week 1

it's 4:15pm as i write this.  
one week ago at this time we were getting ice cream to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of SUMMER BREAK!

so how have we enjoyed this first week of the summer?

i decided to show you our week through photos...
i didn't take too many.
i was too busy enjoying the moments with them.
Gertie and Chester were with us, however i rarely pulled them out to capture the moment.

 i watched my friends three boys and we played at the park, and in our little above ground pool.
visit to the town library.
we love the library.
no photos.

Canada Day!
dan was off work and we enjoyed the day as a family.
we went for a hike.
it was quite rainy.
sword fights happened.
 note my boy's shoes..
they were soaked by the end of the hike.
he wore my runners for the rest of the day.
dinner at swiss chalet, playing at a school yard, fireworks.

saturday and sunday...
family times.
no photos.

i spent some quiet time before the kids got up.
i wrote this out as a memory for what we worked on this past year.

then it was a day of errands.
time to buy new shoes:
playing at the park, 
home to play in the pool.

i was watching my friends' two kids.

bulk barn - my girl had a gift card, she bought her and her brother something.
tim hortons and then to the boardwalk for some swimming!
and into the pool.

this has been our first week of summer.
maybe the next week will have more photo memories...
maybe not.

how was your first week of summer?
(or whatever week of summer break you're on, depending on where you are)

*all photos   taken by me.
1 & 4 with Gertie (not edited)
2 & 3 with Chester. (not edited)

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