Wednesday, January 6, 2016

photos by the kids

New Years Day my girl wanted to take some photos.  
i gave her my camera and said go ahead.
She was so excited.
She walked and decided on some photos.
these are a couple of the ones she took.
our back yard, taken through the window in the dining room.
beautiful snow.

Our cat cleaning up after breakfast.
he's not supposed to be up on the table but sometimes he gets away with it.

After my girl was done my boy wanted a turn.
He thought carefully before his photos.
his dad was reading on the couch.
trying to finish his book.
reading this page makes me want to go read it again.

He has had his bear since birth.
He got that dinosaur for Christmas.
they're his buddies, and appear to have been strategically placed for the photo shoot.

i love that my kids are growing to love photography.

a month or 2 ago my boy and i watched a national Geographic show on TVO.  
He loved it.
the other day he wanted to play National Geographic.
we were on an adventure to take photos for the cover of the magazine.

*photos taken by the kids
with Chester

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