Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Flashback

I was so into doing month and year challenges that i neglected to show you what else i was photographing.
i had shown you some pics from a wedding June 2013. HERE
but what did i do after that?  
just challenges? 

November 2013 i did a family photo shoot for a wonderful family.
we had a lot of fun and absolutely beautiful weather.

here's a glimpse of that special memory building day.

 what beautiful girls.  so much fun and full of smiles for me.
i love daddy & daughter(s) photos.

love this face!

i was waiting for everyone to be ready for the first part of the shoot.
this little one came out of her room and wandered into the kitchen.
she was talking to herself..or someone in her imagination..  
it was so cute.  i had to capture it.

so much fun!
what a wonderful fall day we had.  
*all photos taken by me
with Gertie.
edited in Photoshop Elements


  1. Love these pictures! I'll have to get you to take some of the OTHER Verheye family in town!)