Monday, September 22, 2014

A Reflection of Summer

I don't know about where you live.
summer where i live had cooler temperatures and cloudier, rainier days than we had hoped for.
many people complained about the weather...the lack of warm sunny days.
what's summer vacation without sunshine, sunburns and sunglasses?

i'll tell you what it is.
the kids are home.
we have two months to play, create, laugh, sleep, cry, fight, argue, 
and make the bestest memories ever...
regardless of the weather.

i want to give you a glimpse of our summer...
reflected on their faces.

some days i did look out the window and sigh, 
then, most days, i chose to enjoy it.

what a great summer.

*all photos taken by me.
with Gertie.
edited in photoshop elements

Lake Opeongo, our yard/lookout/house, Toronto Island, Toronto Zoo, Hutcheson Beach, Utterson Park, 
The Marshall's Lot, Limberlost trails @ The Limberlost Challenge,  parks in town. 


  1. Love the pictures, you capture such great moments. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Jen. glad you liked them as much as i did.