Tuesday, October 8, 2013

day 8

day 8:

i figured the best routine to show was a bit of our week-day morning routine.

time for some cereal.  
or oatmeal.  
or bagel.  
i'll be honest, it's usually cereal.

this year i have tried to make it a routine to read the Bible with them, 
during breakfast, 
and working on their memory verses for sunday school and Cubbies.
they are so good at remembering the verses.

waiting for the bus.
the kids play outside every morning, 5-10 minutes, 
depending on how fast shoes, boots and coats have been put on.
since the boy's first bus ride to school we have been hanging his backpack on the post.
the girl's backpack now goes on a little stub sticking out of one of the cross beams.
*you can see it sticking out on the right near the bottom of the photo* 

when we see the bus at the stop just before our house the kids get their backpacks on and we wait until it pulls up.

that's a few moments in our daily routine.
*all photos taken with Gertie
watermarked with PicMarkr.com

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