Monday, October 21, 2013

day 16

just over half way through my challenge.
day 16:
A Good Habit

a good habit?
i have no idea.

then i realized i know what a couple are..
but they're, unfortunately, not mine...
sometimes i'm good at keeping them going.
but, honestly, i struggle with them.

personal quiet time with God.
reading the Bible, spending time in prayer..
but, i did it on friday.
posed for a picture and then actually did it!
you may also see a coffee and bowl of yogurt with chocolate chips and bananas.
that is part 2 of the good habit.
my breakfast.
i make the kids eat every morning.
i usually get too busy.

I have had so many cavities filled.
i hate brushing my teeth.
i love the feel of it when i'm doing it.
i love the feel after i've done it.
but to make me go into the bathroom and brush my teeth is like trying to convince my kids to do it.

so happy when i do it. 

what're your good habits?

*all photos taken with Gertie.

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