Friday, October 4, 2013

day 4

day 4.
Something Green.

Kids got on the bus and i immediately grabbed Gertie and away we went.


when my husband was digging up our sewage pipe in our yard he found about eight green glass bottles.  
they have been sitting on our patio table for a couple weeks now.
they were my inspiration for this day.

i decided to go for a walk.
i wasn't going to do just one something green, i was going to find a few others.
as i walked through the bush with the dog i was thinking how nice it would be to get a picture of one green leaf on the ground amongst the reds, browns, oranges.  
then i looked down.

as we walked and saw moss.
i love moss.
 and on a rainy day like today it seems so much brighter.

it's amazing when you're keeping your eyes open for something you notice it everywhere.
the trail we were walking was green.
it had it everywhere.
with the rain and cloudiness of the day the other colors of fall have been dulled, 
but the greens...
how they pop!

of course we have to appreciate the evergreens.

we have two lonely pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.
guess what color they are.
that's right.

photo challenge completed before breakfast.

 *all photos taken with Gertie: my Canon T2i
not edited.
watermark from

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  1. fantastic shots! I really loved the one green leaf on the ground! So happy you have taken the morning to do your challenge - such a peaceful, lovely time. mom