Wednesday, October 16, 2013

day 12

i have a 30 day challenge happening.
i started Oct. 1 with day 1.

rule 1. i do have to stay in order.

rule 2. i will not skip a day just to skip it. 
i cannot move onto the next day's challenge without completing the one i missed.

all that to say:

Oct 12, day 12:  challenge was  SUNSET.
while the sun was setting on saturday i was inside the windowless reception hall.
at 6pm i reminded myself to check outside in an hour. 
and to capture the sunset whatever it looked like.
around 8pm i remembered and, sadly, asked my husband...   
"then sun has already set hasn't it?"
he answered in the affirmative.
he had just been outside in the dark as he and our little boy were taking a break from the noisy reception.

Oct 13, day 12:  challenge was SUNSET.
Thanksgiving dinner.
we were at my parents' apartment.
all day i reminded myself about the challenge.
dinner happened.
next thing i knew i looked out the window at the dark sky.

needless to say, i was a little frustrated.
(not that the sunset on sunday would have been spectacular as the sky was completely cloud covered and it was pouring.)
i had now missed 2 days.
Monday October 14th.
we drove home.

day 12: 
my husband tidied up the living-room with the kids as i grabbed Gertie and the dog, and went for a walk.

**initially, if i missed a day i was going to make myself start over at day 1 again.
then my wonderful husband reminded me that the purpose of the challenge was to improve on my photography and to have my eyes open for photograph opportunities... to be creative.
so instead of penalizing myself i should just get back onto the challenge and continue where i left off.**

*all photos taken with Gertie.
watermarked with

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