Friday, March 21, 2014


Monday March 3rd was the 62nd day of the challenge.
i took some photos this day.

the theme? you ask.
it was a Macro theme.

day 62:
Choose a Favorite
something i could take in Macro.
my girl was having a bath, and i saw her little feet.
i had her put her feet up for me and took this photo of her little piggies.

i approached my boy for some assistance with this one.

we set up the tripod, removed the lens, reversed it and he took the following photos, 
with my help.

i had him pick a favorite piece of Lego.
he chose this blue diamond. 
from his museum set.

we had to have someone stealing the blue diamond.

*first photo taken by me.
2nd and 3rd taken by my boy (me as assistant)
with Gertie.
edited with Photoshop Elements
See where my challenge began : Here 

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