Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I am mom to these two crazy kids.

i just love them so much.
i wish they could pause at this age right now.

The Lord saw me as the perfect fit for them.
they are so different, 
yet, so much the same.

They love to have fun.
they love to challenge themselves.
they love to laugh,
and laugh loud.
they love mommy and daddy.
they love each other.

some moments i get so mad or frustrated with them.
sometimes they feel the same about me.

that's what family is.
one minute you want to yell, scream and rip your hair out.
you want to lock the person out of the house or your room so you don't have to hear or see them.
the next minute you want that person to be right there with you.
to laugh, hug, cry.
to play with and be silly.
you don't want to be without that person.

they see your worst and your best and love you for it all.

*all photos taken by me, 
with Gertie.
not edited.

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