Thursday, May 8, 2014


i was excited for this day.
(by the way it was supposed to be day 72, and i took it on day 72.. but when i edited it i put day 71 it is.)

i was excited for this day because my dad would be here for the challenge.
he was the best subject i could think of for it.

my dad was born in Northern Ireland.
he is an immigrant to Canada.
he is the oldest of 9 kids.
i adore my dad.

my brother and i are 1st generation Canadian.
(mom from the U.S of A, dad from Ireland)
my brother is blond with blue/green eyes; 
gifted from our scandinavian heritage on my moms side.

but my dark hair and blue eyes were a gift from my dad.

my dad is...
day 71: 

*all photos taken by me, with Gertie.
edited with Photoshop Elements
See where my challenge began : Here

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