Tuesday, November 5, 2013

day 25

day 25:

here's the deal.
i don't talk to strangers.
i thought, 
 i could accomplish this challenge by asking some random person if i could take their picture.  
*obviously explaining what i was doing*
maybe one day.

so after gymnastics with my girl i headed to a trail in town.
it was a beautiful place..
i could sneak a pic, because it was so nice there, i could pretend they got in the way.
that's was my plan.

so we parked at the end and headed to the trail.
there was a lady on the floating dock!  
my girl asked 
"is she a stranger mommy?"

yes. yes she is.

before i could get down to the dock she turned around.

so i grabbed my camera and snapped this.

i didn't know why she turned around so abruptly.
maybe she knew my plan.

when we got down there i saw why.

there she is again.

that's my stranger photo challenge.
i'm a geek.
i know it.

*all photos taken with Gertie

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