Monday, November 4, 2013

day 24

ok, before i show the pics from day 24.
i am done my 30 days photo challenge.
the photo end of it.
i finished my first ever 30 day challenge in 34 days.
next time i'll try to get them done in the alloted 30.

my kids were just beginning to ask:
"what's today's challenge mom?"

they had begun to enjoy figuring out what i could get pictures of.  
i loved it.
i'll do another one for sure - but not just yet.

now, where was i?

day 24:

this is our beast.

my boy wanted me to take a photo of some of his animals

this is Lord Cliver.
he didn't want to have his photo taken. 

my husband tried holding him for me.
it didn't work out so well.
our cat is not declawed. 

*all photos taken with Gertie.

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