Saturday, May 4, 2013


Last post i shared how we waded through the street before going into town to check out the flooding.
*see post here*

here's some of the flooding that happened.

lots of water, but from here... not too obvious what has changed.

this next one may explain it all. 

looking toward the town docks... 
they are still there...just covered.

looking across to The Cottage.  patio seating... gone.

parking behind Algonquin Outfitters..
their basement was flooded.
i've seen pictures of people on paddleboards and in kayaks over there.

the road was no more.  i don't know the damage to the store.

picnic anyone?

Dry(?) Cleaning...

my little girl said to me 
"it's like the beach!" 

thankfully the state of emergency was lifted and the waters have gone down..
town looks pretty normal now..
so many people..
affected by it.
the waters may be down but flood relief is still going strong.


  1. Wow that's a lot of water!!
    Wish we could canoe to Huntsville again together...and canoe down the streets too:)

    1. that would have been a great adventure wallASS. love you!