Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

4 years ago i gave birth to my beautiful girl.

her eyes were captivating.
HUGE and captivating.
She has grown into her eyes, but she is still captivating.

Dear Dakota.
i thank God for you every day.
you are a beauty.
you are strong.
you are full of giggles waiting to escape.
you long to be as big as daddy and mommy, 
but please don't grow up too fast.
keep cuddling with me.
keep adoring your daddy.
keep loving and looking up to your brother.
you are sneaky.
you are mischievous.
you ask questions about God, keep asking.
you have Jesus in your heart, my dear.
you asked Him.  He came.
i pray for you to grow closer to Him each day.
you are a crazy, silly girl.
love you.
so much.
hope your birthday is amazing.
let's go ride a pony.
love your mommy.

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