Tuesday, November 20, 2012

on this day in 1943

on this day, in 1943.
John Edward Boyle was born in Northern Ireland.
who is he?
he is one of the most amazing men.

i have the honor of calling him DAD.

he loves me unconditionally.
his family..
his clan, is the world to him.
why clan?
he's from Ireland.
and i believe that the clan attitude..
the you care for your clan, 
your family no matter what.

He was always the one his brothers and sisters called on.
when his father passed away he took over the role of caring for his brothers, sisters, and their offspring.
all while caring and providing for his wife and children...
and 'adoptive' family.

he is the eldest of 9.

in a generation when men were holding kids at arms length.
when the men were allowing the women to take charge of the kids..
my dad held us within his arms.
(which he does with any baby now)
he worked with my mom.

i believe it was naturally within him, 
but also became ingrained when he came over on the ship from Ireland.
his mother was sick on the travels and his dad was already in Canada.
who does caring for the siblings fall to?
the eldest.

my dad is amazing.
my son admires his PAPA.
my daughter adores her PAPA.
my husband appreciates and loves his Father-in-law.
i admire, adore, appreciate and love my DAD.
happy birthday dad. 
my favorite thing to do with my dad.
go for a walk.
my kids now love to do that with him.
*Flashback photos*
my dad, my brother, me.  
dad, my brother, mom, me.
in Northern Ireland.  dad was like a little kid, being back HOME.
it had been his first time since he left as a young boy.
my dream is to take my husband, and kids to Ireland with my dad, so they can see it through his eyes.
taking his grandson, my son, on his first GO Train ride.
i think my dad was just as excited as my son.

running the Terry Fox Run, pushing his granddaughter, my daughter.
little did we know he had cancer in his neck. 

after the cancer was removed.
he was declared cancer-free. we ran the Terry Fox run.
me, my daughter, dad, my husband, my son.

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